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Letter from Jean

Letter from Jean

My husband John has, over a period of 22 years, suffered 3 major strokes, heart problems, all leading to his becoming totally dependent, housebound, and in need of 24 hour care. I as Johns wife of 48 years, and his main carer, was finding caring for John, although very rewarding, at times extremely tiring, and stressful. Three years ago we started to receive some help in the form of a carer from the Prime Care agency in Durrington, to help get John up, washed and dressed in the mornings.

Gradually as time has passed, Johns health deteriorated, and we needed more help here, so we were lucky enough to carry on with Prime Care carers, even though we now need 2 carers 4 times daily, as John has to be moved around on a hoist, and he cannot help himself in any way at all.I still have a “feeling down” day occasionally as his wife, and also as his carer, but there is always somebody to talk to, and help whenever we need support, either directly speaking to the wonderful carers visiting, or on the phone to the office, Mr Paul Riley and his office staff are always pleasant, helpful and supportive and the carers are wonderful, I bless the day we were allocated to Prime Care, and can’t even imagine coping without their amazing care and kindness to both of us here.

I often jest, saying we have a mini-nursing home right here, if it wasn’t for all the help we receive, John would definitely be in care, in a nursing home somewhere, instead of staying in the family home, where he is well-cared-for, and happy.

Thank you all of you, we really appreciate all you do.
I’ve adding a photo of carers Sylvia and Dawn ( carers ) with John, all lovely and clean, comfortable and happy, speaks volumes.

Jean Case